This is how to connect Amazon S3 to Google Sheets

Google Sheets has become a very viable, free alternative to Microsoft Excel whilst Amazon’s Simple Storage Service or ‘S3’ has become an industry standard for scalable data storage.

We’re a new UK-based data platform bringing big (and small) data processing to everyone without the code, the costs, or the limits.

The video below demonstrates in under 4 minutes how you can use Data Pipelines to connect data between these two systems and schedule a fully automated report.


  1. Create your Project
  2. Add your S3 and Google Sheet data connections
  3. Create a new pipeline and load in your S3 data
  4. Transform your data as needed using the inbuilt SQL tools
  5. Point your new dataset towards your Google sheet, set a schedule, and test it
  6. Enjoy seemless, unlimited data flows between S3 & your Google Sheet

Data Pipelines includes many other connectors & comes with 60 minutes of complimentary processing time each month. This tutorial took up only 2:34 of processing time.

Thanks for reading!